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I'm the Photojournalism CV!

Suggestion Guidelines

:bulletblack: I only take Photojournalism suggestions, I cannot feature anything else (like scraps, portraits, or traditional art).

:bulletblack: Make sure that the deviant hasn't already received a Daily Deviation within the past 6 months. FAQ #313: How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation?

:bulletblack: Send your suggestions to only ONE Community Volunteer!

:bulletblack: Just hit the "Note" button on my profile page and add the subject: DD Suggestion include the thumb code along with the reason why you think the deviant deserves a Daily Deviation. Please keep 1 suggestion per note.

:bulletblack: I strongly encourage that suggested DDs have some sort of information relating to the picture in the artist's comments (description of event, date, location, name(s) of subjects if applicable, etc).

:bulletblack: I prefer if the deviant has less than two DDs. The lesser-known they are, the better! :la:

:bulletblack: Don't hesitate to self-promote!

:bulletred: If I've given you a DD and you're getting harassed by other deviants over your artwork, please let me know!

I may not reply to all suggestions but I do read, consider and appreciate every suggestion :heart:.

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My DeviantArt Story

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 9:23 AM

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.

    December 25th, 2006. I was sixteen.  Everyone wore masks, they didn't like having to stare at the monster beneath whenever they looked in the mirror.  Most of my time was spent writing and learning how to operate my dad's Minolta x700.  Digital art slowly took over traditional mediums. I was never really one for socializing, so there were many nights spent with Dr. Pepper and pumpkin seeds while I designed the night away.  

The art in this gallery is a mix of favorites and imagery similar to the content of the paragraphs. 
These artists deserve some recognition - go leave them a comment! 

Help Me Anyway by dogwalla
The Arms Of RomeI met Ed when I joined the Marines for the first time.  Her name is Jessica Edwin, but in the Marines she was Corporal Edwin, or Ed.  It stuck.  She was tough and pretty, smart, driven, and two years older than me.  I was nineteen and foolish.  Somehow it worked.
We got married when we found out she was pregnant.  My parents were very nasty about it.  They felt I'd somehow taken advantage of her.  Good as raped her.  Her parents were wonderful.  They hosted the wedding, Ed and I wore our dress blues, and took an oath that meant even more than the one we swore to our nation.
Tiger was born just a few months after that.  Ed's four year contract was finished, so she found us a little house near the base.  She found a job, and she raised Tiger, almost by herself, while I ran PT, stood firewatch, crawled the obstacle courses, fired my rifle, shipped out on West Pac, and ca
  i won't quit    there's not much to taste when years of nicotine
    sit heavy on your tongue, stale like week-old bread
    and vintage cheese, but you won't quit.
    no, you won't quit.
    because once upon a time all you tried to live for was
    your next cigarette, and every cigarette you lived
    for was a battle won.
    no, you won't quit.
    because once upon a time you swore
    you could taste her still with each inhale and every
    cigarette broke your heart, but filled it too.
    no, you won't quit,
    you won't quit.
going, going, going...going.
he wasn't the kind of boy you brought home,
but the kind you fell for the minute
his smile turned to you;
the kind who's eyes haunted your dreams.
winter was warm spent in the circle of his arms,
not a single chill invaded the space
between his hands and his heart;
the space you tried desperately to occupy.
he wasn’t one who took well to apologizing,
but how the I'm sorry's fell from his lips
when you tried to leave;
the door never seemed further away.
summer beat down on you with all its might,
and as the heat came so too did his temper
which made you want to cry for help;
you took to hiding the bruises instead.
he wasn't always this way with you,
but when the anger came
he changed before your eyes;
you kept thinking it was your fault.
this time there was no oxygen left for forgiveness,
he'd knocked it from your lungs
and left you breathless on the floor;
you didn't notic
  I TriedA man happened upon me while I paid my respects
He questioned why I cried
To him I answered:
I joined, because actions are louder than words
But I failed to make a difference.
He scoffed slightly, and belittled me:
What did you expect, when you wield an instrument of death? Your fight is useless.
You only destroy everything, and never save anyone.
I looked right at him, no longer mourning
And what have your words done for mankind? Your talks of peace?
Have your words fed those that starved? Have your words brought families back together? Have they quelled the rage of those who wish death upon their fellow man? What have you done, you who belittle my actions?
While I did what I thought was right you criticized me, my every move.
Saying I should've done this, or shouldn't have done that.
Yet you stayed here, safe in your little home. Spouting random facts,
Saying I kill and die for an economical goal. A secret agenda.
To you, I may not be right
But at least I tried

    I started basic training January 2009. It wasn't how I wanted to experience snow for the first time. I was still lurking around on DA. I didn't become involved in the community until I deployed in the summer of 2011.  It was an ugly, beautiful land filled with amazing, terrible humans. It was life-changing. I discovered who I really was in that desert. I learned to reach out to this community. The number of hands that were offered was staggering. I didn't expect a response.

Hold on to what's important by chris-stahl
Mischief In His Eyes by InayatShah Random Pictures While in Afghanistan 3 by Wolfman13F Girl Power by swiftmoonphoto American Heroes 3 by dkuhn04

    Today, I'm the CV for photojournalism, a subject very close to my heart. I've become involved with groups.  It surprised me the first time someone asked for help regarding photography - I never considered myself a subject-matter expert.  Still don't. 

I have some damn fine friends on here. You guys are awesome.  :love:

Smile... by nader-tharwat
Squishthekitty, lovethekitty by tardney reaching out... by craigletourneau Best friends by Allerlei Please Do Not Ride the Gemsbok by hellcorpceo

Journal Skin by Celvas


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Kristina Truluck
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Soldier - Mother - Teacher - Photographer - Videographer - Caffeine Addict - Animal Freak

I'm a combat documentation/production specialist with a passion for photographing animals when not documenting for the military. And yes, I'm female. I checked. ;)


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